Rising Sun Landscaping is a local organic land care company servicing the Farmington Valley and surrounding towns, West Hartford, and Litchfield County.  We adhere to the strictest organic standards of the Northeast Organic Farmers Association(NOFA), so you can be sure that your lawn is safe for kids, pets, and pollinators immediately after application. 


Our combination of liquid biological products, along with slow release granular nitrogen, will encourage a healthy soil biomass that works to feed a healthy, lush green lawn.  This thick carpet of grass works to crowd out weed seeds that may otherwise germinate, and a well balanced soil works in much the same way a properly functioning immune system keeps us healthy.  Revised cultural practices, such as keeping the lawn at the proper height and not over watering, sets your natural lawn program up for success.

We offer a 6 step liquid program, along with 1 granular fertilization in May.  A soil test lets us know if we need to adjust the ph with an application of lime, and further inspection tells us if our calcium to magnesium ratio is where it needs to be for optimal soil health.

Aeration and overseeding is at the heart of our program.  While usually done in the fall, many new properties benefit from this procedure in the spring to jump start the process.  We make this decision based on factors such as time of year the program starts, level of soil compaction, and overall condition of the lawn.  A compost topdress in conjunction with this procedure sets your lawn up for success.

Whatever your questions or concerns, we are available to work with you to develop an organic lawn program that is not only environmentally friendly and safe for those that you love, but will be the envy of your neighbors!

Call us at 860-670-6768 or email us at tim@risingsunct.com for free, no obligation price and program information.


Healthy Families Commitment

The reduction of pesticide use around children is an absolute commitment by Rising Sun

  • The impact that lawn care pesticides have on the health and development of children is being called into question with much more clarity as research continues into how chemical pesticides contribute to many harmful effects on developing children and young adults.
  • This is what our “Organic Lawn Care Program” was designed to address.
  • Just as many doctors and health experts recommend eating organic food whenever possible it should be assumed that parents consider the same when choosing to use pesticides around their homes.
  • Our commitment to the reduction of pesticides goes beyond our own programs and processes. We are committed to showing the rest of the industry that they must find ways to reduce and eliminate the use of pesticides whenever possible.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY our commitment to you is to provide you with a lawn you can be proud of!