Building the framework for our vision starts with perpetuating a message through outreach and education. Empowering and inspiring others to protect the environment, defend the health of our families and pets and create beauty through the growth of clean and sustainable green spaces. BeeSafe Mission 50 endeavors to transition 50% of all turf to organic by the year 2025.


Open and honest green spaces without fear of entry, anxiety of exposure or regret of attendance and use. Playing fields, home lawns and parks that invite children, pets and bare feet every minute of every day.

Core Values

Our values are what drive our desire to reach a wider audience.

  • Urgency – We know that we must act now.
  • Respect – Understand that aggression can be patronizing. People move at their own speed and will inevitably make the right decision.
  • Collaboration – When like minded individuals create a group, the passion for the cause compounds and inspires.
  • Acceptance – Understand that old habits die hard. We will not be frustrated by the opposition.
  • RESULTS – CREATING THICK, GREEN, WEED FREE TURF BY USING INPUTS WITH THE LEAST AMOUNT OF EXTERNAL IMPACT. If we lead with results others will happily follow our example!

BeeSafe Mission 50