Your certified BeeSafe Applicator is a locally owned and operated company that does one thing and one thing only—provide residences and businesses with thick green and weed free lawns.

As an organization BeeSafe promises to never use products or methods that will call into question the positive environmental impact that turf grass has on our lives.

  • We commit to reduce nitrogen and phosphorus runoff.
  • We commit to reduce and eliminate the use of pesticides that cause damage to our environment.
  • We commit to using organic methods and products whenever possible to ensure that our environment is preserved for years to come.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY we commit to providing you with a lawn that you can be proud of!


Healthy Families Commitment

The reduction of pesticide use around children is an absolute commitment by Lawnmark.

  • The impact that lawn care pesticides have on the health and development of children is being called into question with much more clarity as research continues into how chemical pesticides contribute to many harmful effects on developing children and young adults.
  • This is what our “Optimized Lawn Care Program” was designed to address.
  • Just as many doctors and health experts recommend eating organic food whenever possible it should be assumed that parents consider the same when choosing to use pesticides around their homes.
  • Our commitment to the reduction of pesticides goes beyond our own programs and processes. We are committed to showing the rest of the industry that they must find ways to reduce and eliminate the use of pesticides whenever possible.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY our commitment to you is to provide you with a lawn you can be proud of!


Customer Service Commitment

Above and beyond the products that we use and our commitment to the environment and the health of our families is our commitment to excellence.

The appearance of turf is a subjective issue to say the least. There are times when your lawn will look wonderful and there are times, especially during times of difficult weather, that your lawn may not look its best. This is a natural process that at times is difficult to manipulate but one thing we will always have control over is the commitment to treat you with respect.

When you have an issue, please contact us and we will do our best to make it right.


No matter what it is that you are looking for regarding your lawn care needs your local BeeSafe Applicator has a program designed especially for you.   Whether you are looking to go completely one hundred percent organic, interested in transitioning your property or just want an environmentally responsible program at a great price we can help!

The BeeSafe Lawns Premium Organic Program

The BeeSafe Lawns PREMIUM Organic program is by far the most advanced and effective lawn care service program available in the industry.  Up until now, the products and methods that we employ in the application of this program have been reserved for estate managers and consultants that do not operate under the confines of a budget. By combining the application of organic fertilizers with laboratory created biologically enhanced soil inoculants and bio stimulants the BeeSafe Organic program will transform your lawn into an organic carpet of thick green grass.


The BeeSafe Lawns Basic Program

At BeeSafe we offer everything your lawn needs to look it’s best but we do things just a little bit differently than most of the companies that you may be used to hearing about. The BeeSafe Basic Program creates healthy lawns without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides as control products. At BeeSafe we have found that if we fertilize appropriately, improve the soil and use natural products that minimize stress we can create beautiful, healthy lawns without all of those harsh products that tend to sterilize the soil from which your grass grows.

The BeeSafe Basic Program is exactly what your family needs when it comes to a healthy lawn and a healthy peace of mind.  Consisting of six liquid applications your lawn will begin the process of converting to a completely chemical free environment.  By using laboratory created compost teas, organic sources of macro and micro nutrients, bio stimulants such as sea kelp and humic acid and combining them with organically acceptable control products your BeeSafe applicator will tailor a program specifically to your lawn.


Optimized Organics

We start with a very “user friendly” experience and then follow it up with a completely results driven product program to ensure that three key things happen with the optimized experience.

1.  Your lawn looks awesome.  It is green, thick and healthy and weeds are prevented and eliminated.

2.  It isn’t a major production for you.  We know the reason you hire a service goes beyond just the program itself.  You don’t want to be hassled and you want your provider to follow through with the promises that it makes.

3.  We reduce the amount of chemical fertilizers and pesticides by as much as 90%.  

The Optimized plan is professional program that delivers everything your lawn needs to ensure it is as healthy as possible.  Each application includes a natural slow release fertilizer chosen specifically for the seasonal conditions and growth requirements of your turf.  The Optimized fertilizers are designed to promote deep root growth and deep green color.  We will also utilize pre and post emergent weed control products to guarantee that your lawn is free of weeds and crabgrass.  We want to emphasize that eliminating and controlling weeds and crabgrass is a top priority with the Optimized plan.

 It is our responsibility and guarantee that we will consistently work to control weeds in your lawn no matter what the current conditions are.  If you are ever not happy with the way your lawn looks or if you need us to apply supplemental weed control applications please contact us at any time.


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