What I Learnt About Organic Lawn Fertilization From Experience

I had a beautiful lawn. Like everybody else, I used the chemical fertilizers easily available in the market and imposed fast growth and insecticides and pesticides were on disposable in case any tampering pests should be seen on the lawn. It was so easy. I never even stopped to think if what I was doing was wrong, it was so easy that it looked right. Then after couple of years my lawn started drying up, there were bald patches and the chemicals I used to use just would not work. I had to keep stepping up to harsher chemicals each time things went wrong. Then, I got to thinking, did I do something wrong. Are the artificial chemicals the culprit? After few hours of researching and discussing it with my mom who still has an organic lawn, I felt stupid and guilty at the same time. But then decided to act, I took up organic lawn fertilization and organic lawn care techniques. It too time as I had almost destroyed the quality of soil with harsh artificial chemicals, but after a year and half, I have an amazing green lawn today. And here are few tips I learned along the way:

What I learned about organic lawn fertilization from personal experience:

  1. It starts by taking care of your soil: artificial chemical fertilizers directly feed your plants, which means the organisms in the soil that need to be fed so they can feed the plants and the cycle continues in natural way, die. When your soil is feeding your plants, your plants are more drought resistant, disease resistant and last longer. Organic fertilization is all about making your soil good. Before you go out and buy any kinds of fertilizer, get your soil tested and wait for the results. The results will tell you what nutrients are lacking and you can act in that directions then.
  2. Plant right: You want some exotic wildflowers on your lawn, but if the soil and temperature is not right then don’t proceed. See what suits best for the soil, type, water amount, temperature and select a grass just right for those conditions.
  3. Be attentive: There are various things in between testing the soil, getting the right organic lawn fertilization and to this point of being attentive towards your lawn. When you water deep and regularly on right time, and look after your lawn regularly you will be able to see any new developments. That goes for any kind of harmful pests that might be lurking around. You can just pick them up and get rid of them when they are few. But if they are large in numbers then you do need help. And because not all pests are harmful, use organic ways to kill pests that are harmful. Wiping away eco-system of the place is not humane.

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