How To Have A Nice Lawn Without Chemicals?

The fastest way is not always the right way. That applies for lawn care maintenance as well. It seems like using chemicals is the right way because results are faster, however the fast results don’t really last for long in your lawn and are potentially dangerous as well. I am saying this out of experience in my own lawn and having seen the results in others’. Using chemicals did solve the problem fast and easily, but I and few of my neighbors gradually started seeing the horrors of chemicals on our lawn; dead butterflies and bees started dropping and the land got really dry. It took more than a year to restore the quality of the land. Personally, I have found that natural lawn care is always better. And if you don’t know what to do, you can hire professional organic lawn care service providers, organic ways will work just as good as chemical ones. Here are few tips and tricks:

  1. Start by keeping the soil healthy: The first step is to create the 5-6 inch deep topsoil that is nutrient rich, Adding manure that is composted and free of weeds across your existing lawn helps, if your yard does not have 5-6 inch deep top soil. People wonder ‘How to have a nice lawn without chemicals’, however, they don’t give much thought about the basics. The basic requirement is to have rich soil.
  2. Select the right grass: Yes, there are certain grasses that ward off pests and insects and others that attract. A simple research in the internet or a talk with natural lawn care service providers will give the options you are looking for.
  3. Monitor pests: regular attention is important if you want to avoid using chemicals on your lawn. With regular monitoring you will be able to trace any pest infestation at the very beginning of it, you need chemical help only when it turns into a big infestation.

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