Jolene Does not Care for Dandelions in her Organic Lawn.

Filthy, evil weed, with the bright, sunny smiling face.  Oh, you are the scourge of homeowners everywhere.  What are you doing here, in New Hampshire, on this beautiful sunny day? I’m happy to report that this particular fellow was NOT spotted in MY yard.  It was, however, seen on my way to work today.  A […]

Flash Back Friday; Organic Lawn Care on the Martha Stewart Show

Remembering the time we were on the Martha Stewart show. Well not us, but Paul Tukey brought our Firebelly Organic Lawn Care Product onto the show.

Organic Lawn Fertilizer

To Hire or Not to Hire….So you Want to do it Yourself?

So you’ve decided that this year your going to take care of the lawn yourself.  Not a terrible idea, you are a pretty talented homeowner and remember when the porch needed painting last summer?  Yeah you handled that with ease right? You weren’t exactly thrilled with the response you got when you asked your current […]


Autism Linked to Pesticide Exposure. Time to Consider Alternatives.

In today’s day and age you’ve come to make consumer decisions largely based on the health and well being of your family.  (and to a lesser extent, the environment.)  More and more you are considering the products that you use outside of your house with much more consideration because they can have a huge impact […]