Ways to improve your lawn beyond just fertilization and watering.

Flash Back Friday; Organic Lawn Care on the Martha Stewart Show

Remembering the time we were on the Martha Stewart show. Well not us, but Paul Tukey brought our Firebelly Organic Lawn Care Product onto the show.


Did you say, “Snow Mold?”

Snow Mold?  What the heck is that? Yesterday a friend of mine on Facebook posted a picture of his lawn. It was very early in the morning and I would guess that he was walking out the door and heading off to work. All the rain and warm temperatures have caused a pretty quick snow […]


Your Lawn in Late Fall

So those first emails from your Mom, Sister or Aunt Edna have started to come in regarding what the plans are for Thanksgiving this year.  You’ve made one or two trips outside on Sunday afternoon to rake up the leaves, even though more and more will continue to fall.  It’s getting to be darn cold […]

Irrigation Winterization

Make no mistake about it, one of the most important things on your “closing up for the winter” check list has to be the winterization of your irrigation system.  Without taking care of this item on your “to do” list you are risking serious damage on part of your home that you’ve made a significant […]

Leaves on the lawn…..to mulch or not to mulch?

It’s that time of year where the questions about leaves on the lawn start pouring into lawn services around the country.  Questions like, “Is it okay to leave the leaves, or should I mulch them or how often should I rake them?” You would think that the answer is pretty self explanatory but we tend […]

Reduce Compaction—-Allow for some fresh air for your organic lawn.

Your BeeSafe Lawn wants to breathe! From the time you make your first cut of the year until you put the mower away for the winter  your lawn may become compacted. Aerating in the fall can be a vital step in correcting this problem. The aeration process includes removing small plugs of soil to allow […]

It’s Time to Aerate. NOW!!!!

Cooler weather has arrived and if your located anywhere but the deep south it’s time to have your BeeSafe Lawn aerated. Aerating is the process of inserting holes in your lawn for new seed to grow strong roots, fertilizer to help accelerate the growth, and ultimately achieve a thicker, healthier lawn. The holes (or “plugs”) allow for better water […]