Lawn Care Services

At BeeSafe® we offer everything your lawn needs to look it’s best but we do things just a little bit differently than other lawn service companies.

The BeeSafe® Lawn Care Program creates healthy lawns without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides as control products. At BeeSafe® we have found that if we fertilize appropriately, improve the soil and use natural products that minimize stress we can create beautiful, healthy lawns without all of those harsh products that tend to sterilize the soil from which your grass grows.

A soil that is alive with biological activity creates the perfect environment for consistent growth and color, resistance to disease, a deeper and stronger root system and incredible resistance to pests and environmental extremes like heat and drought. In addition to our chemical free BeeSafe® lawn care program we also offer many additional services to help your lawn and landscape look it’s best.

Our BeeSafe® Program is exactly what your family needs when it comes to a healthy lawn and a healthy peace of mind.

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