So those first emails from your Mom, Sister or Aunt Edna have started to come in regarding what the plans are for Thanksgiving this year.  You’ve made one or two trips outside on Sunday afternoon to rake up the leaves, even though more and more will continue to fall.  It’s getting to be darn cold in the morning and when the kids are at the bus stop you wonder why they don’t have their jackets on to stay warm.  You don’t think much about your lawn anymore because Santa has begun to enter your stream of consciousness and the green carpet that was once glowing in the summer sun has now begun to go dormant.

While your BeeSafe Lawn is about to become a dear old friend until next spring there are still a few chores to be done.

  • Rake, Rake, Rake– Don’t allow dead leaves to stay on the lawn for too long.  If they get moldy or wet air circulation can become a serious issue which leads to winter kill and disease.
  • Did Aerate Yet?-Late fall  is the best time of year to aerate the cool season grasses often found in most parts of the country.  Even if your grass has slowed way down or has even stopped growing a heavy core aeration will allow for excellent moisture and nutrient penetration while allowing oxygen to flow freely to the root zone.
  • One final mowing– The ideal length for your lawn for the winter is 1.5 to 2 inches.  It’s about time to get out there for the final cut before things go completely dormant and, well—–you know, snow arrives.
  • Leave it alone-As much as possible, keep objects cleaned up off your lawn, such as benches, planters and outdoor furniture. Keep walkways, paths and driveways free of ice and snow to prevent people from constantly walking on your lawn and never allow anyone to park on the grass especially for extended periods of time. This will certainly kill the lawn beneath, not just damage it, and allow for pesky crabgrass, dandelions and other weeds to quickly move in next spring.

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