Grub control

It takes a lot of time, money and energy to prepare a good looking lawn. And what a sigh of relief you take when finally whole yard is filled with lush green thick lawn grass of just the right size. You want to walk bare feet there, sit there and study and just keep looking at it, because it is the fruit of your hard work. However, things don’t go that smoothly. There are bumps and bugs and larvae in between. Yes, your hard work, money and time can be eaten from underside up and left to die by horrible grubs. Grubs are larvae of different bugs like Japanese beetles. They are very harmful for your lawn. These larvae are always hungry and will eat your lawn grass from the roots and your lawn grass will eventually die. So, before the grubs kill your lawn, make sure you kill them. Now, don’t go grabbing pesticides and chemical sprays.  Organic grub control is possible as well.

Is getting rid of grubs organically, possible?

Yes, it is. People usually have this notion that green bug treatments don’t work and so they use pesticides and chemicals instead.  You need to do it right and it will work. For grubs nematodes; micro orgasmic parasites, work wonders. They go inside your soil and seek grubs and feed on them. Grub control with Nematodes is very effective.

My lawn was drying up fast because of too many grubs, I was thinking of turning the lawn.  But I decided to fight one last time again. So, I got in contact with an organic lawn care company and they provided me with a pack of nematodes with instructions and everything. Now, my lawn is the most beautiful one in the neighborhood. So, grub control with Nematodes does really work.

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