Hey! Are you worried about the problems that you have been facing with the lawn care? Are you wondering what could be some best ways to take care of your lawn? You use some additives or extra chemical to boost the quality of the lawn for a while and then make it dead for the rest of its life. Had you switched to some natural lawn care techniques you might have saved your lawn. The result from chemicals are quicker and might give better results, but they are only productive for a short period.

Here are some reasons why you should not depend on chemical fertilizer, pesticides or even herbicides but rather depend on natural lawn care technique when it comes to lawn care.

1. When you use the chemical fertilizer to enhance the productivity of the lawn, the chemical do increase the productivity for sure but only for a short period. The chemical makes the soil highly dependent on the chemical fertilizer and will cease the capacity of the soil to fertilize naturally. So, in a way, your chemical will make it incapable to fertilize naturally without the chemical.

2. You have your children, kids or pets playing on the lawn. They have habits of putting in mouth whatever they find in the lawn. The maximum use of chemical fertilizer can impose severe impacts on the health of these people.

3. A study has shown that at least 60% of the total chemicals that we use on the ground make their way to the underground aquifer or join the water cycle slowly to reach finally in the water source. This can impose a serious threat to health in long run.

These are some important reasons for why you should go for natural lawn care rather than chemical enhancements.

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