Organic Lawn Fertilizer

One and a half years ago my Neighbor Mr. Simmons used to have this wide lawn with green lush grass. The amazing thing was that, the grass sprouted real quickly and his lawn was one of the best in the neighborhood. I was still going through the processes like testing the soil, finding the right organic lawn fertilizing and everything. I have a beautiful and safe lawn now unlike my neighbor’s. Mr. Simmons did not seem to care much about anything organic let alone his lawn and fertilizers used there.  Turns out the pesticides and chemical fertilizers took quite a toll on his lawn and now it’s all yellow and there are even cracks and the amount of pests have increased even with the use of such strong pesticides. He learned the hard way the effects of relying too much on chemicals. Don’t let that be your case. When you use organic lawn fertilizer then the grass develops with natural support and the pests are tackled naturally by the eco-system. Pesticides only kill for very short run and then the pests come out stronger and immune to the chemicals. The cycle never ends that way.  Having a cat in your house helps get rid of mice faster than setting up traps. Nature balances itself, so don’t push too hard.

 What benefits are there to organic lawn fertilizers?

  1. Safer lawn: For all the good insects and small organisms in your building premise, organic fertilizers are safer. Also, you can be easy about your pets and children moving around on your lawn if pesticides have not been used there. If you cannot do it yourself then you can hire organic lawn fertilizer service providers.
  2. More beautiful lawn: Chemicals lessen the immunity of grass and thus the quality also slowly degrades. By using organic lawn fertilizer properly you can keep your lawn green, healthy and strong enough to make it through drought and other natural demeanors.
  3. Healthier lifestyle: One thing to remember is that, whatever chemicals you use on your soil will somehow find a way to land up in your plate or glass; it is a reciprocal system, this natural process of survival. Being more organic means being kinder to environment and surrounding your life with natural elements, hence a healthier lifestyle.

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