It’s getting to be that time.  The time when, whether you like it or not, the lawn care service company, marketing machines get fired up.  For better of for worse many of the larger and national companies have become well knows as marketing firms disguised as lawn care companies.  As a consumer this can be a turn off but many times the persistence pays off for the big guys.  Have you ever hired a lawn care service just to make them go away?  Sounds crazy…or does it.    Before you go ahead and hire a new lawn care service company this year please take a moment to consider the following items.

****Who answers the phone?    Your BeeSafe Lawn Care applicator is a locally owned business with ties to the community and a real desire to be your service provider.  In most cases you can count on speaking to the owner or at the very least a local employee when you dial the phone.

****Is it too good to be true?   The big guys have become very good at “the ole bait an switch” routine. Unfortunately the deal they are offering is for one application and the price spikes dramatically for all future applications.   Your BeeSafe Lawn Service company will always be honest and upfront with the way they handle your account.

****Does that guy know what he’s doing?  The bigger that company gets, the more difficult it is to keep good people.  Trust us on this one.  Your BeeSafe Lawn Care Applicator goes through a rigorous training course about how to deliver a truly environmentally appropriate plan.

Don’t take our word for it though.  Find out for yourself. Reach out to us now and get a BeeSafe quote for your lawn.

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