Filthy, evil weed, with the bright, sunny smiling face.  Oh, you are the scourge of homeowners everywhere.  What are you doing here, in New Hampshire, on this beautiful sunny day?

I’m happy to report that this particular fellow was NOT spotted in MY yard.  It was, however, seen on my way to work today.  A bit too early, I feel.

Like most homeowners, my husband and I share the duties of yard work.  He  has his gardens to tend and weed and the lawn is primarily my domain.  Weeds, and their ilk, usually fall under my responsibilities.  My yard has some large open areas and any dandelions are easy to spot.  My elderly neighbor tends to neglect his yard and, I often see huge clumps of these when viewing his yard.  We take a more aggressive approach to dandelions.

You can pull them, one-by-one (a very time-consuming approach) or, you can apply a broad leaf weed treatment. These are usually a specific and selective weed control product (herbicide).  The best ones offer a chelated, water-soluble iron formulation that offers outstanding post-emergent controls of most broad leaf weeds.  Simply spray on the offending weed and watch as the dandelion withers and dies, in a matter of 2-3 days.

Now, you do need to know that these tend to NOT be organic products.  But, when used on a limited basis, and carefully, they can be one more arrow in your quiver in fighting the battle for an organic lawn.  Better to spot spray ONLY WHEN NEEDED than to blanket cover the whole lawn with products that you may or may not require.  Got it?

Don’t forget to go to our locations  page, www.mybeesafelawn.com, to find your local Authorized BeeSafe Applicator.  And let them do all the hard work.

Happy spring!

–Joe “Average” Homeowner


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