Having an all year around green lawn is not easy. It includes a lot of work, many people use chemicals to make the process faster but that does only harm no good at all. Taking care of a lawn takes a lot of time and energy. To make this easier you can hire professional lawn care service providers but make sure you hire organic lawn care services only. Here is a list of major things necessary to go more organic when it comes to maintaining a lawn. Lush green grassed lawn sure looks desirable but that does not mean you have to wreck the soil quality to get a green lawn. Even without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizer a green and beautiful lawn can be achieved. Here are some tips:

How to get a more organic lawn:

1. Smart mowing: Did you know that 20 percent or more of solid waste produced in a municipal is grass clippings? Grass clippings are not to fill landfills but to nourish your turf.  If you leave the grass clippings from your lawn on the lawn so the roots of the grass and plants in your yard get nutrients and water. You can always hire professional lawn service, if mowing is not your thing but you want to maintain your lawn.

2.  Sensible watering:  Watering frequently is not what keeps a lawn greener. However, deeper but less frequent watering help the grass grow greener. Watering in the mornings is best because grass absorbs better in the morning.

3. Use only organic fertilizer: Billions are spent yearly to just green up the grass on people’s lawns and yards. And all the money that is being spent is actually deteriorating your land rather than do any good. For a short interval it sure looks like chemical fertilizers are shortcut but they are very unsafe. There are many options of organic fertilizer in the market as well. And if you want to handover the total responsibility of having and maintaining a lawn, there are organic lawn care service companies you can instantly hire.

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