Americans like their lawns green. Well nobody likes them dry and yellow but turns out we are so obsessed with using chemicals to keep our lawns green that we spend more on lawn care products than in foreign aid annually. Don’t get me wrong, I have a pretty green lush lawn as well but the difference is that my lawn is totally organic, is yours? Well, it should be. The high use of chemicals in lawn for maintenance is harming different aspects of the environment including you. Every single thread in the eco-system is vital for human existence. By using pesticides and strong chemicals to fasten the process of grass growth and to keep your lawn green without much exercise, you are killing many useful insects and organisms. When you are using pesticides and chemicals to kill the nuisances you are also killing the good things like bees and birds and soil quality. Did you know that annually seven million birds die in the U.S because of pesticides used in lawn care and that honey bee colonies are disappearing due to this same reason? You know now and must have realized that it is high time to switch to an organic lawn care company.

How is organic lawn care better?

One of the dangers that chemical fertilizers and pesticides used in lawn care posses is to health and life. Even with very careful application the toxins can cling to shoes, skin or even your hair, might also lead to poisoning in pets and children as well as you. It is hard enough to protect your family from the chemicals, think of the eco-system in your yard and the small organisms there or the birds that pick up their food from grass. They will surely be dead. With organic lawn care you don’t have to worry about this hazard at all. Organic fertilizers naturally breakdown and add value to environment while chemicals are initially toxic and furthermore breakdown into more toxins. For the sake of your health, eco-system and your soil use services only from organic lawn care companies.

Chemical lawn care’s approach of kill everything in the way not only creates a lot of waste but is dangerous to the environment. In the name of killing weed and harmful insects it also kills useful organisms like earthworm; bees etc and add no value to the soil whatsoever.  With the help of an organic lawn care company you can maintain a green lawn throughout the year in a very environment friendly way.

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