Organic Lawn Care:  Do-it-yourself or hire it done? (Part 2)

Sunday found me out in the yard, raking up what had been uncovered by the snow.  And it wasn’t pretty.  I seriously have let this yard go to heck over the past few years, despite the use of Scott’s products for the past 14 years.  Clearly, they weren’t having an effect on the weeds or a positive effect my soil biology.   A soil test is in order, with a decent Ph meter.  And I have a ton of thatch, which was the primary reason for my “yardening”.   Do I buy or rent a dethatcher?


In addition to all of the moss that’s been gathering, I have small ferny weeds like this Mouse Ear Chickweed.  It’s growing under the dormant grass and is spreading everywhere.

My initial plan was to aerate and overseed but now I wonder if I should de-thatch first or will the aeration process decimate most of that thatch?  Thatch is a good, natural source of nitrogen, but I want my seed to have a chance to germinate.  And to do that, it needs to reach the soil when it’s spread.

So, in addition to the PH meter and the dethatcher, I need to rent an aerator.  I have seed, left over from last year, when I couldn’t put it down because of the restrictions set out by my “friend” Scott.  It was either seed or weed & feed and I couldn’t do both, inside of a 6-week window.  The seed got set aside in favor of putting down pre-emergent weed controls.

I think the easy answer, for me, is to consult with a certified BeeSafe Applicator.  I’ll have them come in, do an assessment of my property and then take their advice.   I can still do a large part of the labor myself but, just as I wouldn’t take a large tree down by myself, I think this is a case where I need to (pay for and) get a professional opinion so at least I know what I’m up against.

Stay tuned, I plan to bring you updates and more information as I go through the season.

Oh, and if my yard is the envy of the neighborhood, I’m going to invite them all over so I can rub my beautiful lawn in their faces.

–Jolene “Average” Homeowner


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