Organic Lawn Care:  Do-it-yourself or hire it done? (Part 1)

Early April – I have to admit, I hadn’t really given much thought to my lawn before now. My theory is, green is good and the less work I have to do on it, the better.  If my neighbors pass by and comment on how good my yard looks, any effort I put into it has been rewarded. From a distance, it’s hard to see all the imperfections, but I figure that just freed me up for more fun activities.  Well, now I’m in it.  Yep, I bit the bullet and decided to “grow organic” for the first time in my life.  And suddenly I realize how little I know about the topic.

I’m fortunate to be surrounded by lawn care experts so, I CAN get answers but, that still leaves all the effort up to me.  You may be in the same boat.  The question is, should I try to take this on myself or, should I bring in a professional?

It’s not like I was born into royalty or anything but, after watching my father live his life doing manual labor, I knew that I wanted to have little to do with that.  Still, there’s a certain amount of pride in a job well done and, again, if the neighbors are envious then, so much the better.

This year we decided to forgo our annual, ritual addiction to the Scott’s 1-2-3-4 program. My primary reason is a dislike of their television commercials telling me to “Feeeed it”, in a Scottish burr.  Hey Scott, YOU feed it.  I’m going to nourish my lawn organically this year and NOT dump a bunch of synthetic chemicals on it, just because some foreigner is yelling at me from the tube.  Still, there’s so much I don’t know about the process.  This brings me to my quandary.  Do I try to “hoe-it-alone” or do I bring in a pro?

–Joe “Average” Homeowner


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