In today’s day and age you’ve come to make consumer decisions largely based on the health and well being of your family.  (and to a lesser extent, the environment.)  More and more you are considering the products that you use outside of your house with much more consideration because they can have a huge impact on what goes on inside the house as well.  Here at BeeSafe our mission is all about helping you make smart choices about the care of your lawn and landscape.  We obsess over how we can make it easier for  you to make decisions you can be sure are smart ones.

Over the last few years many advocates have begun to call for the elimination of pesticide use around children.  This water can get very muddy because it’s difficult to determine which pesticides are bad and which ones are okay to use.  It’s a matter of opinion for most but the truth is that there is such a thing as organically acceptable pesticides, EPA exempt pesticides and low risk pesticides too.  In fact some states consider your hand to be a pesticide if you are pulling out weeds for a customer.

Much has been written about this issue and like all things there are extreme positions and you have to be careful who you believe…on both ends of the argument.  We as BeeSafe applicators love lawns.  We love lawns a lot and hate it when our industry gets attacked.   A recent study in California is connecting pesticides with Autism.  Yes, the class of pesticides in question, organophosphates are used less commonly on lawns today than they were 10 years ago but the fact is that they still are used.  (Dylox, a common curative grub control is one.)

The study which begins with this sentence, “Gestational exposure to several common agricultural pesticides can induce developmental neurotoxicity in humans, and has been associated with developmental delay and autism” can be read by clicking here.

The most important question to consider when choosing a lawn care provider is this, “Is it worth the risk?”

At BeeSafe we really don’t think it is.

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