Plowing the Road

With winter in full swing in most parts of the country your lawn is not exactly front and center.  However there are many things you can do now to make sure that you aren’t disappointed in the appearance of your property come spring time.

  1. Protect your lawn: Stake out your driveway along the curb line with reflective markers. This will help to guide the plow trucks so they do not cause any damage to your lawn or anything else. Markers can be purchased at any hardware store.
  2. Protect your child’s toys: Make sure that any toys or other objects are cleared out the driveway and in a safe place, prior to a winter storm. You will also want to bring in any outdoor furniture during the cold, winter months to protect it from damage caused by snow and wind
  3. Protect your mailbox: We’ve all heard the stories of damaged mailboxes from plow trucks. Don’t let this happen to you by making sure that your mailbox is up to the correct city codes as far as how far away from the curb it can be. You also want to avoid paper boxes or any flower pots that will be fragile and possibly not withstand a winter storm. After each storm, clear the area around your mailbox so the postal service can get to it easily.
  4. Protect yourself: Worried about slipping? Many BeeSafe Lawn Care Applicators offer winter services that will help you stay safe.

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